What Are Tips to Help Stay Sober This Summer?

What Are Tips to Help Stay Sober This Summer?

Summer is a series of long days and long nights, filled with lots of warm weather and fun with friends. At least, that’s the perception for some people. For others, it can be a struggle to stay sober when the weather is nice, people are out, and there are parties to attend. Every summer in sobriety is a chance to re-evaluate how you see your world and work harder to stay sober, even if it seems others are taking part in what you used to do. Recovery is a time to recalibrate and figure out what you need to do to stay healthy.

More Events

The more events there are, the more opportunities for triggers in recovery. That is just a fact of being in recovery. You will get invited to people’s parties and backyard barbecues. There may be alcohol involved. There may be other drugs or talk of drugs going on. If this is happening more often for you than not, it may be time to rethink how you are dealing with going to parties. If you can bring a friend, do it. If you can phone a sponsor, do it. If it is too triggering, perhaps reconsider attending or even reconsider which friends you spend time with in what settings so you don’t set yourself up for potential disaster.


Travel is key part of nice weather for many people. Hitting the open road when the weather is nice is a great part of experiencing summer bliss. However, you are away from safe people, places, and routines which keep you sober. It can be too easy to engage in old behavior because you visit old friends, old places, or just get away somewhere you are alone and not supported. Don’t leave your network behind when you travel. Take your numbers with you, call in recruits, and seek recovery groups where you travel. Don’t leave home without it.

Stay Focused

Don’t lose track of what you are doing. You are sober and in recovery because you chose to be. You can choose to be around people and places that lift you up. Chat with your sponsor, talk it out with peers, and keep notes. Write things down so you know what you need to do. Make sure you are clear on why sobriety matters and keep your eyes on that prize.

Self-Care Matters

The worst time to think about taking care of yourself is when it is too late. When your energy level is low and you are not thinking straight, you might engage in behavior that is not healthy. To avoid this, set aside time for self-care. Don’t short change yourself when it comes to taking care of yourself first in recovery. You matter more than other people’s opinions, thoughts, or ideas on what your recovery should look like. Take care of number one so you stay centered and grounded in recovery.

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