Family relationships play a vital role in the recovery process. Palmetto’s Continuous Family Counseling Program is committed to enhancing and strengthening family relationships for the individual in treatment as well as for family members.

Program goals:

  • Help family members understand the disease of addiction, cross addiction, and align with and endorse treatment goals
  • Reduce confusion and frustration brought on by addicted persons behaviors
  • Empower the family to comprehend how to be supportive during the recovery process and for the rest of their lives
  • Reduce premature departures from treatment
  • Prepare families to participate in family therapy during family weekends

Program goals are accomplished in several ways

  • Customized Treatment Plan based on individual and family needs
  • Telephone conferences with the family
  • Education and counseling for the family
  • Two day family workshop on Palmetto’s campus
  • Family visitation on weekends
  • Ongoing support during and after treatment
  • Opportunities to address questions and concerns


Confidential Family Data Form