What is the Palmetto Recovery Alumni Program?

Recovery from addiction is a journey that continues long after someone completes treatment. We believe that a strong and vibrant alumni program is a vital piece to an individual’s support during their reintegration back into everyday life.

Palmetto wants to keep alumni, families and friends connected to one another and the Palmetto community through monthly meetings, speaker events and annual celebrations. We believe recovery is a journey, not a destination, so we will provide ongoing opportunities for our alumni to experience continuous connection and recovery renewal.

Why is joining our alumni program important?

When you’re a part of the Palmetto Alumni Program, you are considered family.
The Alumni program is a peer-driven program that provides the accountability, service, and encouragement that promote long term recovery post-treatment.

Alumni and their families are always welcome at Palmetto events and to take advantage of our services. We encourage our alumni to stay active and be the change they want to see in their communities.

Ongoing alumni events:

Alumni Check-In Meeting

First Wednesday of each month at 7pm-8pm.

Monthly meeting to check in on Alumni and their progress. How is work, school, volunteering, etc? Have they been to meetings, are they working with their sponsor and working the steps? Where do they need support? This meeting is an opportunity for everyone to check in, provide support and hold accountability, where needed.

Annual Alumni Celebration

Alumni and their families return to Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center’s campus annually to reconnect with staff, friends and fellow alumni. We are grateful to welcome all alumni and friends of Palmetto back to Rayville each year for an exciting weekend of fun, fellowship, speakers and great food.

Meet our alumni

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Meet Terry

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Meet Bill

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Meet Jeanne

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