The stigma associated with substance abuse and addiction is deeply embedded in modern social consciousness. From a young age, the idea of addiction is internalized as something that befalls people who make poor choices, who have suffered misfortunes or who were born into a life of crime or drugs. The label of “addict” often conjures the image of someone who is traditionally unsuccessful, uneducated or who lacks the self-control or the drive to get themselves sober.

These stereotypes, however, create far too narrow a view of what it means to be addicted to drugs, alcohol or processes. Addiction can happen to anyone, including men and women who are strong, intelligent and high-achieving. The shame and taboo around addiction can make it incredibly difficult for these individuals to get the help they need. They may convince themselves that they are not addicted because they do not want to be associated with the idea of addiction. For working professionals, in particular, the safety of their coworkers,clients, patients or passengers depends on their sobriety. Admitting to addiction could lead to losing a job, a hard-won professional license or the respect of their colleagues.

In the long run, though, keeping substance abuse hidden is not a sustainable option. Unmanaged addiction is a powerful force that will eventually make its presence known, and it often does so in ways that are professionally damaging. Those same fears — losing a job, a license or relationships — are perhaps more likely to become realities due to a lack of treatment rather than as a result of asking for help. At Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center, we want to ensure that professionals feel safe and supported in choosing to get treatment for addiction. We know that it is the only way to find long-lasting recovery that restores balance to life and work. We provide a specialized program for professionals who need treatment for addiction along with targeted assistance for maintaining their professional standing and vital relationships.

Specialized addiction recovery care for professionals

Our professionals program is designed for individuals whose careers involve licenses, responsibilities or requirements above and beyond an everyday job. We treat healthcare professionals, lawyers, pilots, executives, government officials, business owners, public figures and more.

We specialize in treating professionals who are required by licensing and accrediting organizations to remain clean and sober to maintain their credentials. We also specialize in collaborating with accrediting boards to prevent a lapse in licensure: we are familiar with and provide the type of treatment necessary to meet the high standards of these organizations, and we provide proof of treatment for all successful graduates of our program. We serve as advocates for our professional clients throughout the process of treatment and as they return to work, ensuring a seamless transition back to independent life. Our professionals program has a high success rate and our clients return to the workforce fully committed to their sobriety and with minimal interruptions.

Addiction Treatment Programming for Professionals

Our professionals program is a residential treatment program, which means that our professional clients live on-site during their time in treatment. We ensure a discreet and seamless experience; we offer privacy and confidentiality within the context of high-quality, individualized and effective recovery care. Our residential facilities are modern and comfortable with updated amenities and full-time access to our expert staff. We pride ourselves on the strong sense of community fostered in our programs, and the fully immersive experience of residential treatment at Palmetto provides the structure, support and strength that our clients need. We do not put a minimum or maximum time limit on our clients’ stay in our professionals program; rather, the length of stay is based on each client’s progress through treatment.

We want our clients to make a full recovery in a time frame that makes sense for them. We provide a full range of on-site services, including detox, individual therapy and small group therapy. Our therapies include traditional and cutting-edge psychotherapy methods, non-narcotic pain management, specialized dual diagnosis treatment and family therapy tracks. Our programs cover a range of substance addictions including alcohol, opioids, stimulants and prescription drugs as well as process addictions such as gambling, internet and food addiction. In our professionals program, the topics covered during therapy and educational sessions are tailored to members of a skilled workforce. Among other items, the program focuses on:

  • Professional boundaries
  • Work addiction
  • Fiscal recovery
  • Licensing issues
  • Care-giving
  • Care-taking
  • Relationships in the workplace
  • Career adjustment issues
  • Compliance
  • Self-image
  • Ethics
  • Restoring a balanced lifestyle

Medical professionals attend weekly Caduceus Meetings where they receive advice, support and sober modeling from recovering healthcare professionals. In addition, our group therapy sessions and support meetings — including twice-weekly professional group sessions — provide opportunities for individuals to share with and learn from individuals in similar situations to their own.

Referral sources and monitoring and licensing organizations will receive a weekly update of each professional’s progress during their stay at Palmetto. Our goal is to provide honest, personalized feedback and to serve as advocates for our clients when appropriate. As the professional nears completion of his or her program, direct contact with referral and monitoring sources will include a progress report, a copy of the discharge summary and a phone call to answer pertinent questions.

We provide additional monitoring via an adaptable system uniquely tailored to each client & their profession. We use mirror imagining and provide aftercare. We also work closely with each client to create aftercare plans. Addiction is a chronic illness — like diabetes or hypertension, it does not have a “cure” but must be managed through awareness and lifestyle adjustments over time. Along with our follow-up and monitoring services, aftercare is the best way to ensure that our clients stay clean and sober for life. We clearly outline discharge planning and continuing care recommendations tailored to each client’s needs, background and experience with addiction. No matter what our clients’ professions may be, we can help them build a sober and fulfilling lifestyle without sacrificing their career.

Will insurance help to cover the cost of treatment?

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center accepts most forms of insurance and is in-network with many insurance plans. We strive to make high-quality addiction recovery accessible and cost-effective for individuals who need help — please contact us to learn more. Have your insurance information on hand so our team can best assist you.

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