Staying sober during Halloween while still enjoying the holiday can be just as difficult if not more than the coming holidays – Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Halloween is full of hyperactive participants, costumes, and late night parties saturated with alcohol. Because adult Halloween fun is so deeply entwined with drinking as part of participation, it’s hard to know how to enjoy the other aspects of the holiday without being drawn into that significant part of it. We’ve gathered some great tips and tricks to help you as Halloween weekend approaches.

Host your own party where you can control the situation and avoid any parties or bars where excess alcohol is present. You can focus on your own festive party games and entertainment instead of drinking games and shots.

Know what you can handle. If you’re not comfortable being around alcohol, be with your sober friends. Avoid pushing yourself into a situation you know will compromise your sobriety if you’re not ready or feeling up to the challenge. Also avoid being alone. Choose to spend the time with people who support you and know your struggle.

Indulge in scary movie binge watching! Halloween is a perfect time for scary movies with close friends and the perfect excuse to sit in front of the TV until all hours of the night.

Always have a drink in your hand. If you’ll be attending a party where alcohol is present, have something to drink even if you’re not thirsty. This keeps people from constantly offering you drinks and helps to keep your own hands busy while you enjoy the festivities.

Staying sober during the holidays – no matter which one – is possible without locking yourself in a room until it’s over. Enjoy the weekend and all of the Halloween festivities.

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