Coming forward and speaking about recovery is vital to the success of recovering alcoholics and addicts.

Using testimony as a step in recovery not only helps others in their path to sobriety but also allows the speaker to reflect on their own success.

Testifying is telling the story about achieving sobriety. Mistakes made with alcohol or drugs in the past shouldn’t be a source of shame but should be an engine to growth. People are more likely to be motivated to stay on a positive track when they get recognized and recognize themselves for the good things they are accomplishing.

Speaking about accomplishments gives an confidence to the speaker and the listener. When testifying at an AA Meeting accomplishments are publicly acknowledged and a person is reminded that they are on the right path, growing daily, while also giving hope to other recovering alcoholics and addicts who can relate to the testimony. It is important to acknowledge the responsibility to help other recovering alcoholics and drug addicts stay on the right path and change their lives as well.

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