Why Self-Care is Far from Selfish - It’s Necessary

Why Self-Care is Far from Selfish – It’s Necessary

Addiction does not hold back when it comes to ravaging people’s lives. It can take over anyone’s life to the point where they suddenly care for little else but finding more drugs, drinking more, or put themselves and others at risk. In recovery, there is a sense that those who are the most for themselves will go the furthest. Self-care is critical to making sure they can meet their goals and feel successful in recovery.

No Control

The illusion of control is what makes addiction so devastating. Nobody knows how far the lies and manipulation will, or the means by which people will do anything to get more drugs or fall down into the rabbit hole of alcoholism. The key is to think about finding a sense of control again that allows them to find their center. This usually starts with taking ownership of recovery and implementing a healthy self-care plan with the support of caregivers and healthcare providers in charge of their care. Some other tips to consider include:

  • Self-care is first above all else. Even if the loved one is struggling, a caregiver cannot make them seek help. Parents and loved ones have to realize they, too, are in recovery from addiction as the loved one. Addiction consumes everyone in its path, which makes it more necessary than ever to find help
  • It will feel selfish – at first: whether it is the person with addiction seeking help or a loved one desiring for their family member or friend to find healing, it may feel selfish at first to seek support. The truth is, there is no selfishness in seeking help from addiction. Addiction does not care if the person keeps using drugs. Everyone ends up suffering in the end if addiction keeps going
  • Acceptance is crucial: accepting a loved one is difficult. Personal acceptance of responsibility for one’s own addiction and choices is difficult, too. Finding a way to accept what has happened can release denial and make people realize there is another way forward

Finding Hope

There is no pause button people can push to make things stop happening. There is no going back, returning to life before addiction entered the picture. There is no way to survive a crisis like addiction without looking at the fuller picture and knowing it can and will stop at some point. It cannot continue the way it has been going, so it will stop, eventually. Taking care of oneself, working on personal recovery, is the best way to get there. Self-care is not selfish, it is necessary. Hope comes from the realization people are out there willing to help and support the journey of recovery. It may be time to consider this option and seek a better way forward. 

The Palmetto Center offers a way back out of the storm called addiction. We provide a space to be vulnerable and heal. We teach self-care practices and invite families to participate with their loved ones in learning how to navigate addiction recovery. Our program provides a special focus for professionals including chiropractors, nurses, doctors, lawyers, and more who need help with addiction recovery. Call us to find out more: 866-848-3001.