Why Meth and Xanax Don’t Mix

Why Meth and Xanax Don’t Mix

Methamphetamine and Xanax can become a lethal cocktail of drugs when taken together. Some people even mix in alcohol while taking these drugs. They speed up the heart rate and increase blood pressure, among other things. Xanax is a depressant which changes how the body responds to the methamphetamine. The heart can only handle so much and often struggles to cope with the mixed messages it receives from the two-drug combo. Learn more about why these two drugs are dangerous to take together and how to help a loved one with an addiction.

Why People Use Meth and Xanax

Meth is a drug people use to get higher quicker or to alleviate manic symptoms. Some people report doing too much meth and taking Xanax, then, to calm down and drive home. The result may end up with traffic accidents or other issues that may cause injury or harm to themselves or others. Polydrug use, like meth and Xanax, can contribute to overdose fatalities, as well, since different drugs respond differently on the body. People will use the drugs for many reasons, but mostly because they are numbing, escaping, seeking something like a high, or just experimenting to see what mixing the two will do. The real risk is an overdose and even death. 

Risks of Polydrug Use

Mixing Xanax with Meth is dangerous and possibly lethal. The interactions vary but taking this drug may cause harm in the following ways:

  • Heart attack
  • Slowed breathing
  • Unresponsiveness
  • Stroke
  • Dizziness 

Benzos can interact with drugs in a way that may be lethal. Meth and Xanax are a bad combination due to the fact a person is putting two different types of drugs that do two different things inside the body. This can have variable reactions and create difficulties over time. 

Withdrawal and Addiction

The drug meth is very addictive to people who even try it once. A short amount can be enough to create dependence. Many people smoke or inject meth for quicker highs but find they need more of the drug for the same effect rather quickly. Stopping the use of meth can be hard because of withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms include depression, drug cravings, and feeling nervous or paranoid. Dependence may occur with Xanax also but is riskier when putting with the other drug, meth. As a stimulant, meth causes anxiety, so people like to take Xanax to combat these effects. Slowing things down that are ramped up (Xanax for meth) means the body is going to be confused about what is going on and feel intensely like they are not sure what is happening in that moment. Treatment in rehab is the best place to detox safely from both substances without being in harm’s way. The most effective behavioral therapies for the treatment of meth addiction include therapeutic support and motivational incentives. Meth users are given benzos to reduce manic or paranoid behavior and may be monitored closely in regards to addiction or possible dependence. Rehab is a safe space to learn more about drug use, be educated on the effects, and receive help.

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