Why Alcohol and Energy Drinks Are Not Friends

Why Alcohol and Energy Drinks Are Not Friends

Many people understand alcohol and energy drinks are two very different things and that mixing them may not be a good thing. The more we understand about the toxic relationship between the two, the greater our understanding of the danger of mixing alcohol and energy drinks together.

Mixing Drinks

Drinking too much alcohol can, in itself, lead to reckless behavior, alcohol poisoning, or death. Energy drinks have their own share of issues, ranging from too much caffeine and sugar to other, more serious, issues. Combining alcohol and energy drinks is riskier than drinking alcohol alone. Consumption of mixed beverages among young drinkers is associated with higher rates of binge drinking, impaired driving, risky sexual behavior, and risk for alcohol dependence. People who mix energy drinks and alcohol have a higher risk of injury from car accidents and fights.

Psychological Impact

There are psychological effects to consider when mixing alcohol and energy drinks. People who mixed beverages feel stronger effects of intoxication. In studies, researchers have found participants who drank what they believed to be Red Bull and vodka were more likely to feel intoxicated. They may also encourage risky or reckless behavior when drinking too much alcohol mixed with other drinks.


Energy drinks can boost a person’s heart rate to dangerous levels. Loaded with caffeine, sugar, and other substances, they are marketed to young kids and teens but adults also drink them in combination with liquor. When combined, the two form a risky situation for a person’s health. With little to no nutritional value, energy drinks should be avoided at all costs and not mixed with alcohol. Doing this on a regular basis could lead to a person having heart arrythmia and a host of other issues that may become lethal with the wrong combination. People also develop riskier behaviors when drinking these substances, therefore making it a dangerous combination mentally and physically.

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