What to Know About the Risks of Juuling

What to Know About the Risks of Juuling

Juuling is a form of vaping that is popular amongst high schoolers and young adults. It is highly addictive yet marketed as a safe way to smoke nicotine. This product is disguised as healthier because it is made with nicotine salts rather than ‘free-base nicotine.’ this slim design and pod flavors also add to the appeal. Young people especially are falling into increased use of this product. Find out the risks of juuling.

What Does Juul Look Like

The official Juul consists of a slim vaporizer and disposable pods that contain nicotine juice. The pods come in different colors based on flavor. The vaporizer is charged on a laptop or USB port. When using Juul, the device heats up nicotine and creates a vapor. This vapor is inhaled, producing a buzz. The e-cigarette users become addicted to nicotine to feed the habit. Juul is the kind of e-cigarettes but others are now on the market, too.

Vaping Dangers

No e-cigarette product should ever be considered safe because of how nicotine negatively impacts the brain. Teens may act differently when smoking, especially, but it is not safe for people of any age to smoke. Health concerns include:

  • Persistent cough
  • Bronchitis
  • Congestion
  • Phlegm
  • High risk of smoking cigarettes


Juuling is appealing to kids and adults alike. The streamlined design and fun flavors make it look harmless but it is costly as a habit goes. The best thing people can do is talk to people who are juuling. This highly addictive habit can increase the risk for cancer over time and is not a safe alternative to cigarettes. It is also a co-occurring behavior often with drinking or use of other drugs and behavioral addictions. The challenge to quitting smoking is getting past withdrawal from nicotine. A certified therapist or rehab center can help support people in recovery.

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