What is the Role of Place in Addiction and Recovery?

What is the Role of Place in Addiction and Recovery?

Recovery is not for the faint of heart. It takes everything within a person to stay clean and sober most days, especially early on. The brain and body seem to work against you even though you really want to stay clean. Most days, it can feel like a heavy burden to carry throughout the day. One of the best things you can do is think about where you live and how it impacts your recovery. If you are being triggered by where you live in any regard, it is going to make it harder to stay clean.

When Home is Hard

The neighborhood a person lives in matters more to some people than others. Depending where they are and how much access they have to come and go, it can make a person either feel safe or stuck. The vicious cycle of addiction can keep you feeling like you are not able to choose whether to come and go. When you finally choose recovery first, it is not an easy decision but one that comes from careful contemplation. When you want to know whether you stay or go depends on a few things.


If living in the old neighborhood is triggering thoughts and feelings of drug and alcohol use, it may be time to consider moving. You can try to avoid other people or places in the area that can cause relapse but it may be difficult for you. Triggers are hard to avoid in recovery as they will be anywhere out in the world. However, neighborhood, or place, can be one where triggers keep you from feeling successful in recovery. If this happens, it might be time to think about whether the place you live is safe for your recovery.

Get Tools

The only requirement for recovery is that you stay clean and sober. Even that is a given some days when triggers and cravings abound. Yoga, meditation, mindfulness practice, gratitude, and support group meetings might be part of the journey. They may also be difficult for some people to do because it means living where you can access these things easily. Knowing what you need and finding a way to make it work can be healing and necessary for the journey.

Making the Effort

Place has a lot to do with people feeling triggered in the environment. Whether it is a toxic work culture or home base, it is difficult to navigate the challenges when it is your home location bringing up the feelings. While moving is not always right (or necessary), it may be helpful when looking at coping with challenges in the short term until you feel more stable in recovery.

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