What is Brain Restoration and How Does it Help Recovery?

What is Brain Restoration and How Does it Help Recovery?

The brain has the power to restore itself. The positive impact on mental health, energy levels, and cognitive function is huge. It plays an important role in the early stages of detox and recovery. Although main treatment programs look at AA for 12-step and other methods of recovery, there are other ways to look at healing the brain.

Healing the Brain

While there is no doubt addiction has spiritual components, it is also behavioral and psychological in nature. There is also the physical health aspect. Namely, the health of one’s body and brain. Prolonged drug and alcohol abuse causes changes in the brain, which make recovery difficult. Programs that focus on restoring brain health help.

NAD Therapy

NAD therapy is short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, an enzyme that helps the body increase serotonin and repair neurotransmitters. Due to positive impact on mental health, energy levels, and cognitive function, it plays an important role in detox and recovery. When a person uses drugs or alcohol, they deplete the body’s levels of NAD. studies have shown those born with low levels of NAD can lead to addiction and other chronic disease later in life. NAD is given to people through an IV line under the monitor and care of a professional. You may listen to music or read a book or magazine. This drug is given to a person as a slow drip. This goes into the stomach and hits the brain’s opiate receptors. When NAD is administered, it reacts with oxygen in the cell’s mitochondria to create energy for a heartbeat, breathing, food, and brain functions.

Feeling the Effects

After a few hours, people feel stronger, more positive about life. It helps to replenish the balance of the brain from all the damage that was done by drug or alcohol use. Treatments increase mental clarity and cognitive function, increased focus, and more positive state of mind.

Most people in recovery need treatment to separate themselves from who they really are under the veneer of addiction. It tends to hide all the things about a person they want to keep hidden and others they do not. When that is stripped away, they start to become more capable of becoming themselves without the use of drugs or alcohol. For the most part, it gives you a new perspective and outlook on life to try something new and different for a change in recovery.

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