What Are Risks and Dangers of Smoking Alcohol?

Vaporized alcohol is trending right now in many spaces across demographics. The over consumption and abuse of alcohol in a non-traditional way has many people worried about how this is impacting people of all ages. It is a dangerous trend which carries many risks and dangers. Find out more about it and how it is impacting people’s lives.

Smoking Alcohol

Vaporizing or ‘smoking’ alcohol is the process of preparing alcohol so it can be inhaled rather than consumed like a liquid. A device can be used with a candle to heat alcohol to a vapor state. The alcohol is inhaled and ‘absorbed directly into the bloodstream, which does not go through the digestive tract.’ this has the advantage of no calories. No carbs, no impurities. Consuming alcohol can impact a person’s mind and body, which is why experts warn of the risks and dangers. Inhaling alcohol allows it to bypass the body’s natural filtration system. Organs like the stomach, liver, and intestines attempt to filter out toxins. The over consumption may trigger vomiting in the body but inhaled alcohol does not go into the system the same way. Smoking alcohol is very dangerous as it goes straight to the brain and can lead to poisoning or even death.

Smoking Vaporized Alcohol

People who vaporize alcohol may pour the alcohol over dry ice and inhale vapors with a straw. Others may do-it-yourself with kids at home and use bike pumps or similar apparatus. They take alcohol, pour it in the bottle, cork it, and poke the pump needle to the top of the cork. This is one way people use to pump air into the bottle and vaporize alcohol before inhaling the substance.


The novelty of smoking has spread onto the social media sites where people are consuming vaporized beverages with homemade devices. Videos should be scary because it is about binge drinking. It is like doing a number of shots into the bloodstream. The inhalation is viewed as safe even though it is not and people do not realize how much alcohol they are taking into their system since it wears off quickly. Many people are drawn to smoking because of the claim inhalation means they don’t’t take in the calories. You take them in whether you realize it or not.

Side Effects

There is not a lot of research studying the short and long-term impact of inhaling alcohol vapor. Studies have proven adverse effects. Some side effects of inhaling alcohol vapor may include:

  • Seizures
  • Lung damage
  • Brain damage
  • Addiction
  • Increased risk of overdose
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Alcohol withdrawal

Vaporizing alcohol is like doing four shots of alcohol at once. Not to mention you likely don’t know how much you’re taking in, which can lead to over-intoxication and death. While smoking alcohol may be a trend, it is not a healthy thing to pursue and may lead to alcohol poisoning. If you are struggling to quit vaporizing alcohol or cannot stop drinking, there is help available in the form of rehab and recovery.

Vaporized Alcohol: Not Worth It

Dr. Roache worries that inhaling alcohol will lead to increased dependency issues, “When you’re smoking it, you’re making it more powerful and addictive.”

So, while smoking alcohol may be a new trend in inebriation, experts argue that the risks of damage to the lungs and brain, the increased risk of substance abuse and dependency, and the possibility of accidental alcohol poisoning make it a novelty that’s simply not worth the risk.

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