What Are Good Housing Options in Sobriety?

When a person struggles with addiction and never seeks professional help, it can be challenging to find them the right help. Getting treatment is essential to recovery yet it is not the only thing. Another part is finding supportive rehab throughout the process. For many people, this support can be found in their living environment. Sobriety will be easier to maintain if housing options are solid.

Success in Treatment

Addiction recovery requires several elements to come together. Several rules of successful addiction treatment include:

  • Assessing and modifying treatment plans
  • Be easily accessible
  • Incorporate counseling
  • Individualize treatment
  • Last a decent amount of time
  • Monitor drug use throughout treatment
  • Use medication when necessary

Social Supports

Good housing options will support a person’s recovery. If they have to change social habits and interactions in order to stay clean, it means moving into a situation where they avoid situations that are triggering to use substances again. It may help for the person to be surrounded by those who understand addiction and support recovery.

Residential Recovery

One way to find for a person to create community support is by living with others recovering from substance abuse. One effective option is residential, nonmedical living situations where recovery offers support, accountability, and encouragement. People without post-rehab support can help avoid relapse and stay in recovery but they will do better and stay more connected with community that helps them.

Creating a safe space for people in recovery means taking action to ensure post rehab homes are a safe and nurturing space. Helpful steps can include asking friends and family to remove addictive substances from a house, finding and attending a support group and cutting contact off from people who do not encourage recovery and sobriety. Recovery is a complex process made easier with support of other people. Recovery cannot be done alone. The key is finding community and staying connected in a sober living environment that helps build bridges of healing and restoration in recovery.

The Palmetto Center is based on a Therapeutic Community model. We help people learn how to live free of addiction. Our community support provides structure while trained counselors offer life skills training and therapeutic techniques to help you move past addiction. Our program provides special focus for professionals including chiropractors, nurses, doctors, lawyers, and more who need help with addiction recovery. Call us to find out more: 866-848-3001.