Try These 7 Tips to Beat the Stink (and Gauge Overall Health)

Sometimes getting a quick whiff of someone’s perfume can be transformational and transcendent, like being in another world. Other times, a quick whiff of their scent, or even worse, body odor, can be really off-putting to other people. There are various reasons why people have severe body odor issues, and not all of them are related to their personal hygiene routine. Find out why people struggle with body odor and what can be done to improve hygiene.

Good Deodorant

This may seem obvious, but sometimes people are not aware of how much they smell to other people. Finding the right deodorant can be frustrating. If the current pick does not work, it is time to kick it to the curb and try something else. You don’t need to overpower people with the smell, it just needs to mask personal smells enough that it is not offensive to others.

Stinky Feet

Children as they age can start to have stinky feet associated with hormonal changes in their bodies. Spraying shoes can help but it also helps to find some good foot powder, socks for working out and other ways to support less foot odor. Make sure any shoes that are sprayed or cleaned are not going to be wet when wearing them again to prevent mold issues or other foot problems from arising.

Clean Up

Proper cleaning goes a long way. For people prone to body odor issues, it helps to wash more frequently, especially in the offensive areas. Think twice before putting on an old t-shirt from the hamper. If you are a person with body odor issues, it is best to launder clothes everytime they are worn. Shirts and clothes that touch the armpits where most people have body odor should be washed every time.

Ditch Fabric Softener

Putting on a clean shirt that smells less than fresh is not inviting for colleagues or friends. Fabric softener can be to blame as it sits on the surface of clothing fibers and prevents air flow and evaporation. Not getting enough air can keep odor-causing bacteria at bay. It also makes it difficult for detergent to get into the fibers and remove sweat, bacteria, and body odors.


Drinking too much or eating certain foods can impact body odor. It is not just coming from the breath. It comes from what is eaten directly that impacts body odor. Foods that contain sulfur like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage impact the way things smell. Onions and garlic are offenders as well. Curries and spices may find their way into body odor, too. Skip or cut back on anything that causes offensive odors when possible.

Health Issues

On the other end, it is important to note that people can have health issues which show up in their body odor. If you smelly fishy, sweating for no known reason, smell like rotten eggs, or smell like alcohol when you sweat, then you probably are having some health issues. It is best to get any odors checked out that don’t seem right to you or other people. People with addiction to alcohol may often smell like what they drank if they drank too much.

Don’t Sweat It

Sweat is good for you and a normal function of the body. It removes waste and helps us remember we are born to smell a certain way, within reason. We are so accustomed to smelling like something else we may forget what our bodies smell like. Be prepared if you know you are going to sweat and stink when you work out so you can prepare your body (and others) for what’s to come.

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