Traveling to Rehab Comes with Challenges But May Be More Beneficial in the End

Traveling to Rehab Comes with Challenges But May Be More Beneficial in the End

When addiction is out of control, the best way to get help is through professional treatment and rehab programs. There are specialized ones that treat executives with the care and confidentiality they deserve. Traveling from work and home may be difficult, but it may just be what your recovery needs. Traveling far away is not easy, but it comes with unique perspectives on how to navigate recovery away from everything you’ve known and come to face to face with your own addiction. 

Executive Rehab

Everyone comes to rehab with unique challenges. They face what comes with needs and circumstances they have to experience on their own with the help of people who advocate on their behalf in rehab. Sufficient time spent on inpatient rehab helps you develop and maintain the skills you need to stay in recovery. Studies show that people who stay three months or longer in addiction treatment have better rates of long-term sobriety.

Leaving Home

The first instinct a person has to rehab is to not go far away from what they know. Even executives have their comfort zone of what they are willing to do or where they will go to find help. Executives with responsibilities to family and professional lives often opt to stay close to home so they can retain their work schedules while in rehab. Removing themselves from the situation and people that are part of the current situation is what will keep people away from relapsing or going back to familiar surroundings again and putting themselves at risk. 

Lifestyle Maintenance in Rehab

Executives like to maintain a lifestyle in rehab, including a flexible work schedule. It is hard to leave a company, walk away from a position, or not be in leadership roles for several months to deal with addiction recovery. There are also certain things executives like to have access to, including luxuries like certain cuisine, private accommodations, amenities, and increased privacy. The more than a rehab facility provides this, within reason, executives often find they are able to relax and gain something from the experience that will keep with them long into recovery.

Advantages of Travel

The great advantage of leaving home is to be away from all that is familiar in order to seek that which is new. Healing takes time but it also means being away from what used to work and finding what will work better now the person is sober. If traveling takes them away from temptations and distractions, it may be to their benefit to experience the trip for the long journey of recovery. 

Addiction does not discriminate. People of all types, including executives, require time and patience to deal with addiction. We are here to support your journey forward in recovery. We offer a special focus for professionals including chiropractors, nurses, doctors, lawyers, and more who need help with addiction recovery. Call us to find out more: 866-848-3001.