These 3 Tips May Help Improve Mental Health in the Workplace

These 3 Tips May Help Improve Mental Health in the Workplace

Mental illness is a difficult subject for people to confront. It impacts how people think, feel, and behave. Mental health is something everyone has but not everyone knows what to do when it is not going well. Awareness and advocacy is key but also reducing stigma around mental illness. To improve mental health in the workplace, try considering these three tips as they pertain to healing from the challenges of a difficult illness.

Know the Signs

When people speak of mental health, they often talk about feeling good, feeling happy, feeling sad, or some other feeling words. Mental health is not about always feeling, it can be a state of being for some people who have persistent, chronic health issues. Knowing the signs of mental health issues can help people discuss what is going on and take notice when there is a shift. Don’t hesitate to discuss the reality of mental health issues and its impact on your personal life, as well as the lives of others.

Opt Outside

Physical activity is good for many reasons, most of all helping with anxiety and depression. Many adults do not get enough exercise, let alone children. Lives are more sedentary than ever and diets are not what they should be, either. Employers who encourage their workers to participate in physical exercise programs with incentives can offer help but it also boosts productivity on their end. To boost mental health for workers, it is important to take time out at lunch to go for a walk, exercise before work, or head out afterwards to get in enough movement before starting the day.

Finding Balance

Stress at work, long hours, and mental health challenges can make work life problematic. In-house programs that talk about work-life balance can support people who live in a digital world get outside, exercise, and find a healthier lifestyle in and outside of work. Balance is not always about doing things 50/50, rather, it is about finding what works best for each person and offering support so they can be energized at work but also have time and energy for things outside work like family, friends, and hobbies.

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