These 3 Tips Can Help Men Boost Confidence 

These 3 Tips Can Help Men Boost Confidence 

Confidence comes in many shapes and forms for men. In recovery, it can take a while to feel like they get back a sense of who they are and who they want to become. There is a shift in recovery that takes a while to settle in, but it helps to develop a routine that builds up to the confidence they desire. Learn some of the ways men can work on building confidence to grow a stronger recovery.

Find a Hobby

The last thing men need in recovery is to sit around with nothing to do. Idle hands (and minds) tend to wander, think, and go back to old habits. Don’t give yourself the chance to do that. It is good to have quiet time for reflection and to be alone more often, but it is also good to have hobbies to keep the brain and body active. Some ideas may be:

  • Learn a new skill
  • Do building and repairing
  • Take classes in an area of interest
  • Join a gym or workout club
  • Try some creative skills like writing, pottery, art, music or something else 

The more a man keeps busy with at least one or two hobbies, the better off they are. Being sober is difficult when the man has less activity to focus energy on to avoid thinking too much about the old days.

Try New Things

Aside from hobbies, there may be things that a man can try that feel like they pump up the adrenaline and get them out of their comfort zone. Taking those steps will help teach the man how to handle themselves better. It is easier to face fears and do things they want to boost confidence. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Check out skydiving or other ‘out there’ activity that seems scary
  • Set a goal to try something new and ‘outside the box’ every 3-6 months
  • Ask friends what they do to build confidence and build a thicker skin

Let it Go

Men are naturally designed as competitors against other men. It is part biology, part environmental. Even as they are out looking for potential partners to date, there is competition from other men. There is competition when working out to be better than the guy one treadmill over or a man walking down the street who is dressed nicer. The pursuit can be endless, which will drive a man crazy after awhile. Stop comparing and just let go. It is okay to be perfectly happy where things are right now and not worry about what else is coming. Don’t put too much emphasis on what you still need to do. Everything that a man needs in recovery comes from within. Even if external things provide confidence-building skills, it does not mean a man cannot feel confident within himself as he is today. Recovery is about setting personal goals and achieving them, but also about finding inner peace to be grateful for the journey today.

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