New Treatment Monitoring Chips May Be the Wave of the Future

New Treatment Monitoring Chips May Be the Wave of the Future

One of the major challenges in recovery treatment programs today focuses on blood tests and breathalyzers. Each has drawbacks which do not make them ideal but there are providers looking at ways to support people in recovery with microchips. The injectable chip goes under the skin and providers long-term, continuous alcohol monitoring. Testing blood alcohol levels in this way may be the new wave of the future for people in recovery.

How it Works

The chip is a biosensor that is one cubic millimeter in size. It may be injected into the fluid surrounding the body cells. The sensor inside is coated with alcohol oxidase. This enzyme interacts with alcohol, creating a byproduct which may be detected electrochemically to measure alcohol levels. The signal then goes from the byproduct to a smartwatch or other wireless device. Since it is implanted, this chip may be tested in animals first to be sure the results will be accurate, but it is one example of new ways people are exploring of supporting those in recovery.


Results so far indicate this may be a viable solution to alcohol monitoring. Researchers hope to use this technology to create chips for other substances. This chip can work for alcohol and may detect other substances as well. If plans go smoothly, this micro-solution may revolutionize recovery treatment in support of people healing and getting better from addiction.

Why it Matters

When looking at new technologies on the horizon, it is always important to keep an open mind about available treatment options. There are not necessarily a ton of new ways to monitor people once they leave a recovery center. For their own well being and for the sake of treatment, it makes sense to look into how micro technology and other similar solutions are providing a pathway that will support people in seeking better health and healing long term. Recovery is a game you plan for the long haul. Some solutions will work well for some people while others may support people in a different way. It makes a difference and is a great way to provide opportunities for people as they seek new ways to recover well and heal from addiction.

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