Learn More About Gaslighting and Tips to Recover from Emotional Abuse

Learn More About Gaslighting and Tips to Recover from Emotional Abuse

Gaslighting is a tactic manipulators use to keep you from building confidence in yourself and your abilities. The other person may spin stories to their advantage that make you question your own memory and doubt yourself. They may skillfully manipulate how you feel to make you feel ashamed when you did nothing wrong. Emotional pain from gaslighting can happen inside a relationship where addiction is present. Know some of the sighs and how to recover if this happens to you.

Feeding Off Self-Doubt

The term ‘gaslighting’ refers to the use of psychological methods to cause a person to question the facts and their own mind. It is a deliberate pattern of manipulation used to alter a person’s perception of reality, doubt their sanity, and ignore their instincts. When gaslighting begins, it might feel like doubt and guilt creeping in. The person who gaslights you may offer evidence to show you that you’re wrong which prompts you to explain and justify your behavior. Deep down you feel something is not right but you are confused and full of self-doubt.

Ending a Toxic Relationship

When you look at the damage inflicted by someone who gaslights others, it is hard to take a step back and restore your sense of self-esteem. People who gaslight are not going to stop, most likely, so you need to know the steps to take in protecting your own mental health:

  • No accountability. When you are involved with someone who gaslights, it is important to understand logic and reason do not apply. They will never empathize or take responsibility for actions. Assert yourself but know that they won’t acknowledge their transgressions.
  • Step out of denial. If you stay awhile longer, things will get better. Realize no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, a healthy relationship will never happen. It is nothing to do with you and just the gaslighting aspects along with personal insecurities of the other person.
  • Distance yourself. Once you see the manipulations, break away. It is the only way to heal. It takes time to get your head around it and you will see it for what it is. To move forward, you need support. Seek counseling, join a support group, and do what you can to move forward (and away).

Don’t be afraid to take steps to protect your personal safety and emotional well-being. These things matters and can help you stay focused on what is important now and in the future.

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