Is Executive Rehab All About the Luxury?

Is Executive Rehab All About the Luxury?

Executive rehab is not a place to just go and hang out, have fun, and leave in the end. Rehab is serious business no matter where you go. It is all about where a person goes and what they are there for, but overall, the goal of rehab is to detox and heal from addiction. Following that is to create space for navigating resources and community groups that will help you move forward in recovery. Find out why some people think rehab is all about luxury and how to get past that stigma and false belief. 

Finding Executive Rehab

Most people going to executive rehab have the resources (or insurance) to cover the costs of a private, more upscale, facility. Living in a place where people can get sober together is a comforting thought to others, and scary for other people. Some executives are still in denial about their addiction but are going for their loved ones. No matter what the road to recovery, it is hard to walk through rehab’s doors not knowing what to expect. Luxury rehab is not meant to be a soft place to land and not do the work. People with modest means cannot always afford the type of luxury that is afforded some executives with the resources, but that does not make the journey any less challenging. The homes and rehab spaces typically offer:

  • Bigger and more spacious accommodations
  • More individual spaces
  • More flexibility during treatment
  • Specialized treatment program for executives that focuses on counseling and support services for executives
  • Discreet services that cater to professionals 

The one good thing about executive rehab is they will be around others like them and feel like it resonates more with their experiences. However, it also sets them apart from others who have less luxurious accommodations and perhaps they don’t see their addiction as that bad from those others. The right rehab facility is key to finding hope and healing for many executives who need help with addiction. 

Getting Past Luxury

Although there are some criticisms about elite programs or executive-based programs, there are many benefits for the people it serves. The professionals are able to put their lives together in a way that helps them find freedom from addiction. The luxury accommodations are not what people go to rehab for. They attend because they need help with addiction. They go through detox and experience programs that dig down into the core components of their addiction like any other person with the addiction. There is not enough money to keep a person from going through the transformation needed to heal from addiction. Finding the right place takes time, but all the therapy in the world will not help a person overcome addiction until they are ready and willing to do the inner work needed to make it stick. 

The Palmetto Center is based on a Therapeutic Community model. We have a special executive program that helps professionals including chiropractors, nurses, doctors, lawyers, and more who need help with addiction recovery. Our goal is to provide excellent care in a beautiful facility that accommodates your needs but provides the space and resources you need to heal. Call us to find out more: 866-848-3001.