People often wonder: is alcohol a drug? People rarely think of it as a drug, possibly because it’s legal to buy all types of alcohol. How the media portrays alcohol often gives it a glamorous air. This creates a desensitized culture but doesn’t negate the fact that alcohol can have a destructive impact on a person’s life once dependence and addiction settle in.

Why is Alcohol a Drug?

Understanding more about alcohol can help to answer the question of is alcohol a drug? Alcohol can come in a variety of different forms and strengths, from a clear, flammable, intensely liquid to beer or wine. In fact, in its strongest form alcohol can be used as fuel and as an industrial solvent. Yet, people drink certain forms of it to relax, celebrate, socialize and medicate. Some even admit that they drink it simply for the taste. Whatever the reason, alcohol lowers a person’s inhibitions to where they feel and act differently, which makes it a drug. Although most people have similar effects, each person’s relationship with alcohol is different. Some people drink excessively, while others drink very little. Even among these individuals, some develop addictions, while others moderate well. Occasional drinks don’t indicate a problem. However, there are still health risks of alcohol consumption that may arise. Find an alcohol treatment center that can help you get the best help.

How Alcohol Affects the Body

A small percentage of alcohol goes through the small intestine and stomach before it absorbs into the bloodstream. From there, a larger percentage travels to the brain and affects the central nervous system. This causes an interruption in the area of the brain that controls breathing patterns, heart rate, and consciousness. The result is a loss of coordination and slower reaction times. The body attempts to metabolize alcohol through the liver. However, this organ can only process so much at a time. Steady, heavy drinking creates high blood alcohol concentration that results in drunkenness.

Is Alcohol a Drug According to the Government?

The United States Drug Enforcement Administration uses drug schedules to classify drugs into distinct categories based on the potential for abuse and medical use. Alcohol is a depressant because of its effects on the body. Those in the know often refer to it as the most dangerous drug since its use is so common and its effects so widespread.

Getting Help for This Dangerous Drug

Alcoholism can be devastating to people’s lives and the lives of family and friends. Asking is alcohol a drug could be an honest inquiry or a cry for help. If you or someone you love needs help, resources are available. Palmetto Recovery Center offers sober support networks as a way to break free from the addictive nature of alcohol and begin living a fulfilling life. We offer a range of programs including:

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