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Alcohol Treatment Louisiana

Alcohol Treatment Facility

When alcohol begins to negatively effect all aspects of life and relationships, yet the person continues to consume, we know there is an alcohol abuse problem.

People who abuse alcohol often fail to recognize that they have a problem. Contributing to the issue, loved ones often over look a person's abusive nature as a coping mechanism and refuse to address the issue as a way of avoidance. As a person begins to peal back the layers of their alcoholism, they begin to see, and have to address deeper problems and the cause of their abuse. And as each layer is pealed back, a more sinister one often appears. Alcoholics and their loved ones feel it is easier to deal with the addiction than to deal with the root cause. But at Palmetto, we are fully equipped and prepared to guide the patient through all aspects of their recovery. This includes helping addicts and their loved ones recognize those issues and show them how to cope in new ways, learning to face their demons head on.

It is important to remember that treatment of alcoholism is a multi step process. This process also includes a detoxification period which can be dangerous if done without the presence of a medical professional. Palmetto is fully staffed with a team of professionals who are experienced in the treatment of alcohol detox.

Palmetto is a place of peace. It is a place that takes a person away from the noise of day to day life in order to create a clear path into alcohol addiction recovery.

Medical Detox

The medical staff reviews each individual case in order to assess a suitable detox protocol. Care is given to each patient to help ensure a safe, therapeutic transition from active substance abuse.

Will insurance help to cover the cost of treatment?

Call toll-free to speak confidentially with a recovery expert now. Most insurance accepted. Call us today at 866-848-3001 or click here to send us a note.

By pursuing and achieving accreditation, Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center has demonstrated that it meets international standards for quality and is committed to pursuing excellence.

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