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Adderall is a commonly prescribed drug for the treatment of ADHD. It also treats narcolepsy (the sudden and uncontrollable onset of sleepiness) and some forms of depression that do not respond to other treatments. Adderall, however, is a very dangerous prescription medication because of its side effects and has a high potential for addiction. Through Louisana drug rehab programs, overcoming a dangerous Adderall addiction is possible.

Adderall Information and Interactions

Adderall is classified as an amphetamine. This means that it “speeds” up your brain functions and other bodily functions. How it actually works, by the admission of the drug company that manufactures the medication, is actually unknown. All that is known is that bodily and brain functions increase in activity and this is supposed to help people stay more focused.

Adderall has some serious and dangerous side effects. The manufacturer of the drug clearly states that this medication should not be used for any extended period of time. Regardless of this warning, many doctors prescribe Adderall as a maintenance drug to be used without an end in sight.

If you take Adderall, you must be very careful about taking other prescription medications, using over-the-counter remedies, or using vitamins or herbal supplements. You must also be selective about some of the foods you eat. This medication interacts with many other products and can lead to unpleasant side effects.

Dangerous Side Effects of Adderall

There are three very dangerous side effects associated with the use of Adderall. Each of these has the potential to harm the person who takes the medication.

  • Highly Addictive. Adderall is highly addictive like most other stimulants. However, Adderall quickly builds up tolerance in your system and it does not take long before you need to take it more often or in stronger doses to get the same high that you did when you first began the medication.
  • Physical Addiction. Adderall actually changes the chemical and physical structure of your brain. Once you have taken this medication for an extended period of time you have altered how your brain works and you become physically dependent on the medication to function.
  • Brain Starvation. Adderall kills fat cells in your body. This is why most children who take Adderall are so thin that they almost seem to be suffering from an eating disorder. While many people may think that this is better than being obese, the truth is fat┬ácells are a majority of what transports food to your brain. Your brain needs fat to function. If you destroy a majority of the fat cells in your body, you are starving your brain. This can lead to serious cognitive issues.

Withdrawal From Adderall

According to the manufacturer of the medication, withdrawal from Adderall can be very overwhelming and patients are encouraged to speak with a doctor before stopping this medication. The manufacturer continues in their warning to state that even those who have used Adderall for a short-term period as suggested should follow strict guidelines from their doctor to reduce their dosage until they no longer use the drug because the physical withdrawals can be significant.

This is the suggestion for those who do not have an addiction and only used the drug short-term as prescribed. Knowing this, it is safe to assume that withdrawal symptoms from Adderall when you have used it long-term, have increased your dosage over time and have an addiction must be really serious.

This should not detract you from wanting to stop using Adderall. This information should encourage you to get the help and support you will need to face this problem through an addiction recovery center. Drug rehabilitation centers are designed to help you overcome both the physical and emotional addictions to any type of drug, legal or illegal.

Using An Addiction Recovery Center To Overcome Adderall Addiction


You did not become addicted to a substance overnight. You did not use a medication once and determine that you cannot live without using it every day. And you should not believe that you can just wake up one morning and stop using a substance and your addiction will be over. Things just do not work that way.

The truth is, it took time for your body to become addicted to a substance, and it took time for you to become emotionally dependent on it as well. It will also take time and guidance for you to overcome the problem. If you can accept this fact, you are ready to enter into a drug rehab program.

What Can Rehab Do For Me?

A quality rehabilitation center is going to offer you everything you need to overcome your addiction. This includes emotional and physical support to help you through withdrawal. It also includes mental and physical support to help you address the issues that led you to addiction. The treatment center will provide you with the care and support you need to enter into recovery.

Recovery centers with the goal of treating the whole person and not just the addiction have the highest success rates for their clients. These drug rehab centers start by designing a program that will treat your individual needs and then assign you a special substance abuse counselor that will guide you through the entire recovery process. Your counselor will be there for you through each step giving you the support and care you need for success.

The rehabilitation program will embrace all areas of your life to help you become a healthy person again. It will address addiction, the potential for relapse, and health issues that may have arisen from the addiction. You will learn the importance of staying in recovery. It will help you build the support system you need to stay substance-free.

Once you have entered into recovery you will experience one of the best feelings in the world. It is the feeling of self-control and being in charge of the life you want to lead.

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