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Ask Yourself These Addiction Questions

It is not unusual for a person who is suffering from an addition to not believe that they have a problem, even when there are noticeable signs that there is a problem in their life because of a substance they are using. This is simply the power of the addiction.

If you think that you may have a problem, or you are concerned for a loved one, but do not know what types of questions to ask to determine if there is an addiction problem, you can use the following guideline of issues to address. If you find yourself answering yes to two or more of these issues, addiction is probably a part of your life and it is time to seek help from an addiction rehabilitation center in Louisiana.

Questions To Ask About Addiction

  1. Do you tell yourself that you want to cut down using a certain substance but then find reasons to delay that decision? This is one of the most common signs of substance abuse and addiction. This is when your conscience knows there is a problem, but the desire to use the substance outweighs what you know you should do.
  2. Do you enjoy using the substance so much that when you have access to it you use it until it is gone? Many people who have a substance abuse problem are very compulsive about the substance. If it is in their possession, they have to keep using it until it is gone.
  3. Is using this substance interfering with your relationships? Are you staying away from people you love so that you can enjoy using this substance? Are your loved ones continually telling you or making comments that you have a problem with this substance? This is a very common behavior for someone with an addiction.
  4. Is your work suffering? Are you missing work? Have you been fired for stealing so that you can buy more of your preferred substance? Is your performance poor? Substance abuse always affects work.

Additional Addiction Questions to Ask

  1. Do you find yourself thinking about the substance all the time? When you always think about the substance, you are craving it and are more likely to use it. When all the brain thinks about is the substance, addiction is formed.
  2. Do you suffer withdrawals? Do you become anxious, nervous, moody or even physically sick without using the substance? This is part of the physical addiction and a sure sign that you have a substance abuse problem.
  3. Do you use the substance for emotional reasons? When you begin to use a substance for one emotional reason, you will soon find yourself using it for all emotional reasons.
  4. Have you decided that you would rather stay home or go somewhere specific just so you can use your substance in peace?  This is one of the largest signs of addiction. When you are specifically going to a place just to get high, you have an addiction problem.

Of course, there are many other signs, symptoms, and stages of addiction. These questions are just a way of getting you to think about your substance use to help you see the power of addiction. From here, you can begin to seek out the drug and alcohol rehab programs you need.

Getting Help For Addiction

Addiction recovery is possible through a drug and alcohol rehab center. It does not matter what type of substance you use, how long you have been using it, or how chaotic your life has become as a result of your addiction. If you want to enter into recovery, there are rehabilitation centers available to help.

The first step to addiction recovery is deciding that you don’t want to avoid recovery. Once you have made that decision, the next step will be to find a drug rehab program that fits your needs. Every rehab is different, and you should seek out a center that caters to your type of addiction.

You will want to seek out an addiction recovery center that focuses on the whole person. You did not become addicted to a substance out of the blue. There are reasons behind the addiction, whether they are physical, emotional or financial, and they need to be addressed as well as the addiction to the substance. Your overall health must also be addressed so that you can leave the program physically healthy as well.

Working with a substance abuse counselor is also very important in drug rehabilitation. You need to be able to feel comfortable and trust someone so that you can make the necessary steps to enter into recovery.

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Drug rehab centers should also be able to offer you programs that accommodate your needs after recovery is made. Staying sober is a lifelong process, and you need to make sure that there will be support in place after you leave the program so that you can stay substance-free. Many rehab programs offer continuing care programs to help you stay in recovery.

Once you have entered into recovery, you will be able to take control of your life again. The things that led you into addiction will be addressed during the recovery process and you will be able to manage these issues without having to rely on any type of substance. You will have the control of your life that you were missing when you had the addiction.

One of the most important things is to understand your addiction does not have to control your entire life. You may have answered yes to many of the above questions, but it does not mean that you will always have to answer yes to them. You can change your life and break free from addiction with the right help and support.

Drug rehabilitation does not have to be a bad thing. It does not have to be something that is looked down on or seen as a result of failure or loss of control. In fact, it is just the opposite. Entering into a substance recovery program shows that you have control of your life and that you are willing to do what it takes to overcome the issues you are currently facing and move on to a better future that is substance-free.

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