How to Know and Honor Your Truth for a Better Recovery

How to Know and Honor Your Truth for a Better Recovery

When someone asks a person if they are ‘living their truth,’ they are most likely asking if that person is living into who they truly are rather than living for other people. It is a powerful reminder to stay focused in recovery. Whether you are in the midst of detox or have years of sobriety, progressing in recovery means seeking a balance of truth and purpose.

How to Honor Your Truth

When a person wants to honor their truth, it is necessary to try some of the following to get on the right track. Start with the following if you are seeking a way to honor your own truth or help another person:

  • Honesty in all things means living truthfully with yourself. It means behaving in a way that is honest with yourself. The things you say and do matter. The choices you make about how you live and present yourself in the world are important. This impacts how you see yourself, interactions with others, and whether or not you have the impact you want to have on the people around you. You get to decide how to spend and experience it so make good, honest choices.
  • Authentic choices matter. Part of living truth in recovery is getting to know your authentic self. You can do this by taking nothing for granted. Explore new things like books and music. Go see a movie you never would have seen. Go hiking and camping or try a new adventure. Learn who you are authentically and do the things that support you in recovery.
  • Be the same all the time. If a tree falls in the forest, as the saying goes, and nobody sees, it does make a sound. Even the things we do that are not seen by others impact us and the world around us. In recovery, the way you spend your time, the places your mind wanders, and the insecurities you have all play a role in creating who you are right now. Make an effort to be present and do little things to increase your sense of wellbeing here and now. Notice if you are thinking negative, angry thoughts and seek out a more hopeful focus for your energy.
  • Notice how you spend your time. This will contribute to your recovery in ways you may not have imagined. In early recovery, work is about making and keeping a commitment to show up. It may help stabilize you in recovery but maybe it will become time to focus on ways you can be encouraged to seek a different path that lets you focus on fulfilling work.
  • Your tribe matters. The average of the five people you spend the most time with determines a lot about you. Think about who you spend the most time with and engaging with on a regular basis. These people contribute to how you view yourself and the world. Honor your recovery by choosing wisely.

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