How to Find Peace Within Yourself

How to Find Peace Within Yourself

Sharing space with others on this planet can be a difficult experience. Finding quiet, peace, and harmony seem outside the realm of possibility so much of the time. We try to control our thoughts and our time, yet we strive for inner peace. That inner longing keeps coming up as we go through the motions, prompting us to find a deep well of peace that helps us stay grounded. Learn some tips for how to find that inner peace within yourself and ways to support it in recovery.

Start Small

Nothing ever comes of doing everything big all at once. It takes finding deep inner peace and wisdom. Very small actions can lead to bigger things but we have to first know we cannot do it all alone. We are not able to change things all at once, nor can we make these changes happen right this moment. We can change a tiny piece of it everyday if we are willing to do the work.

Helping Others

One of the best ways to find more inner peace is to help others along the journey. Many of us are struggling with our own needs and desires for healing, but we can still partner with others for the journey. Someone is always further back on the path than we are, so we must remind ourselves what we have to do to support ourselves and others in growing. As long as people are walking the earth, there will always be some who have more than others.

Find Hope

The biggest challenge to finding hope for people is realizing hope does not have to come once life is in perfect alignment. Inner peace is a state that comes from knowing your situation may not improve or get better, but you can find deep peace within yourself to accept what is right now. Hope is to keep believing in something better in the future, even if we cannot see it right now. That will help propel us towards moving into spaces where we believe better things are coming.

When people struggle with addiction, it can feel like a state of hopelessness settles down into your bones. There is this desire to see what is ahead and think it will get better, even if right that moment it feels hopeless. The challenge is not only to keep hoping, but to also seek the help you need rather than wait for things to change on their own. Inner wisdom and peace begin with believing you have the power from within to make changes to your own life. Once you accept you are where you are, change can begin to take place. Once you begin to accept you are capable of so much more, peace can move you forward towards seeking a life that aligns with that deep inner knowing. Releasing the grip of addiction is about admitting the need for help and finally letting people reach back to help you up so that, eventually, you can also do the same for others from a place of hope and peace.

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