How to Combat Irrational Thinking with 4 Simple Terms

How to Combat Irrational Thinking with 4 Simple Terms

Sometimes irrational thoughts can cloud the truth that is right in front of our very eyes. There are four terms that can help you combat irrational thinking but it takes some time to wrap your head around them.

Real but Not True

Sometimes we come across something that alarms us but we are not sure why. Then, we realize it has nothing to do with any real fear, rather it is perceived risk. The feeling is very real to the person experiencing it. However, as the situation progresses, the ‘real but true’ experience gives space to notice the thoughts and emotions which stirred up and start to identify what is true and what is not.


Be mindful of your strengths and weaknesses. Meditation is one way to keep yourself grounded. It can be partly introspection, part therapy. If you discipline your mind to be calm, you can pull out ideas that cause damage and ideas that are harmless. Face those fears from a clear, safe headspace and start to really see the ‘forest for the trees,’ so to speak and know what is real and what is not.


Decide not to passively accept irrational thinking as truth. Start to ask yourself even if it were true, what does it mean for you? Restructure your thoughts in a way to encourage positive change. If you turn negativity to positivity and joy, you can rise above the circumstances and not put yourself down. You deserve happiness and joy. Don’t cheat yourself out of that by continuing with negative thought patterns which do not support inner peace.


Know you are not alone. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It is about seeing all sides of an equation rather than looking at one side. If you have a theory of what is happening, test it out. Gather information to compare and contrast what is going on. Alter your version so it encompasses more than just your narrow viewpoint. This helps you gain perspective.


Be kind to yourself. You are not the first person to think or behave irrationally. You will not be the last. People do it all the time. The point is not to have irrational thoughts but to minimize their impact. If you are eating or sleeping right, you need to find a way to support better management of your habits. If you are stressed at work or need a vacation, speak up for yourself. You do not have to be strong all the time. You can take a break and find time to heal from what is going on in your heart and life.

Anxious thoughts and fears that are irrational can spiral out of control. If you are struggling to find center and get past negative, irrational thinking, there is help available. Seeking therapeutic support can be a great way to encourage healing on the journey of recovery from addiction.

The Palmetto Center is based on a Therapeutic Community model. We help people learn how to live free of addiction. Our community support provides structure while trained counselors offer life skills training and therapeutic techniques to help you move past addiction. Our program provides special focus for professionals including chiropractors, nurses, doctors, lawyers, and more who need help with addiction recovery. Call us to find out more: 866-848-3001.