How Do People Become Addicted to Sleeping Pills?

How Do People Become Addicted to Sleeping Pills?

People successfully treat short-term insomnia with sleeping pills, many become dependent on them. Approximately 38 million prescription for Ambien were written between 2006 and 2011. A perceived blessing for medical professionals has left people thinking there are no alternatives to help them with sleep or pain relief. Addiction does happen, and it can be devastating. Find out how and why addiction to sleeping pills happens and how to find healing.

Signs of Addiction

Many people do not realize they have become addicted until they stop taking sleep medication. When they experience withdrawal symptoms, they begin to realize the severity of the issues at hand. Other signs of sleeping pill use that has gotten out of hand include:

  • Having several attempts at quitting that fail
  • Getting cravings for sleep medication
  • Seeing more than one doctor for prescription refills
  • Continuing to take pills in spite of negative consequences
  • Experiencing frequent memory loss from the pills

Sleeping Pill Abuse

Most doctors prescribe sleeping pills for short-term use. Doctors prescribe them for cases of severe insomnia and not necessarily a strict dosage schedule. These drugs are fast-acting and may often be used on an as-needed basi. Many people begin using sleeping pills anytime they have trouble sleeping or face something in life that makes them anxious. When sedatives are used in a way that is not prescribed, abuse can occur. Sleeping pills may produce hallucinatory effects when the person takes the drug but fights the urge to sleep. Other effects include reduced anxiety, dreamless sleep, lack of coordination, and hallucinations.

The brain becomes used to the effects of this over time and recovery becomes harder. Oftentimes, recovering from sleeping pill addiction is called ‘rebound insomnia,’ or compounded insomnia that is even worse than before people started taking the drug. This common side effect should not be a reason to keep taking sleeping pills. Medically assisted detox can help minimize this and other symptoms of withdrawal.

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