How Can I Tell if the Person I’m Dating Drinks Too Much?

How Can I Tell if the Person I’m Dating Drinks Too Much?

Maybe you know someone or are dating a person who is drinking too much. Something tells you they have a problem and there is nothing you can put your finger on because the person is exhibiting recognizable symptoms of alcohol use disorder. Experts say alcoholism is a progressive disease. When someone continues to drink, symptoms are more apparent until it is obvious they have a problem.

Social Life

If a person you care about seems to only attend events where alcohol is present and hangs out with others who drink, they may have a problem. They may only go to an odd event here and there but if they cannot bring a drink into it or go out without a drink, they likely are having some issues with alcohol.

Drink to Relieve Stress

When the loved one drinks because she is happy or because she is upset, or drinks to celebrate, these are signs of alcoholism. When a person drinks to cope with life, whether it brings ups or downs, alcohol has become a crutch. Relying on this to cope with emotions is hard. Alcohol means more to that person than anyone else.

Does Not Seem Intoxicated

People can have several drinks and not exhibit signs of intoxication. They may develop tolerance for alcohol, which means it takes more to make them feel this way. If you try to drink with them, they will feel the effects long before they even think about slowing down.

Personality Changes

She may go from being a kind person to mean and abusive after a few drinks. Or this person could change from being shy and quiet to loud and aggressive. She may become overly emotional while drinking, too. When sober, she rarely expresses emotions. If this person is going through personality changes quickly, they may be struggling with alcoholism.

Drinking Causes Problems

When a loved one has had issues from drinking in the past, this is a sign of problems ahead. She may have lost a job over missing work due to drinking or lost friendships. Perhaps this person got in trouble with the law. Many people who drink will swear it off and not drink again but in spite of consequences, this person keeps drinking. When this happens, it is a sign they need serious help.

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