New Year’s Eve is one of the many holidays during the year when alcoholic indulgences are not only expected but encouraged.

With all the New Year’s imagery filled with smiling faces and sparkling champagne glasses, it’s hard to separate the two things. And for those who are just beginning their quest for an alcohol free life style, it can be overwhelming. It’s likely been a very long time since such a holiday was enjoyed without that crutch. Sometimes the best way to answer the question “how do I get through” is asking the question “why is it this way in the first place.” Ask yourself or your loved one, “At what point did alcohol become the only way to celebrate for you?” Did it start when you were a child and watched the influential adults in your life celebrate that way? Did it begin as a young adult when you were trying to overcome social anxiety? Did it begin later in life when you found the New Year’s holiday less exciting? Every person has their own deep seeded reason for their actions. Answering the “why?” question will help you determine your own, unique way of accomplishing a sober New Year’s Eve.

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