Can the Myth That Everyone is Doing Better Derail Recovery?

Can the Myth That Everyone is Doing Better Derail Recovery?

Even when it seems you are doing well in recovery, it is easy to think the grass is greener on someone else’s recovery lawn. The myth everyone else is doing better in recovery not only breeds envy, it steals joy from the victories of your personal achievements in recovery. Even if others are doing better, perhaps they just hit bottom and are on the way up. This sense of dissatisfaction may also trigger relapse.

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There are some tips and trips to nip the grass is greener mentality in the bud before it derails recovery. Before you get triggered right out of sobriety, try a few of these:

  • Practice gratitude. Even if you think you are grateful, try again. Keep focused on the fact you are in recovery as long as you are and not addicted to drugs or substances right now. Take pride in your accomplishments.
  • Nix jealousy. It is important to focus on being happy and content no matter the circumstances. Even if you are in the midst of a divorce, you may be suffering from other losses, or not sure how to find your way up and out of where you are now, but there is always hope. Don’t try to negate the struggles of others and be jealous when we all have to focus on our own recovery.
  • Do something positive. It is important to take some kind of positive action when the myth everyone is doing better creeps in. Call a friend, take pictures of beauty, pick up a book you like. Anything you can do, do it as a way to accentuate how much better life is now.
  • Learn from the past. Even if you don’t remember everything, you remember enough to remind you that you are in a better place now. You have the skills and clarity of thought to deal with problems as they arise. Rather than sweep things on to the floor or under a rug, try to focus on what you have learned and move forward.
  • Tell a trusted friend. There is never a bad time to pick up the phone and call a friend. One good thing about being in fellowship is that you have access to people when you need someone to call. Take advantage of their wisdom and experience.
  • Be proactive. For you, some things might be different but the feeling of accomplishment that comes from doing things that need to get done go a long way toward fighting feelings of inadequacy.

The main thing to keep in mind is to never give up. Life in recovery is truly better and worth fighting for. When you struggle, you are going to arrive somewhere better than if you never tried to overcome it in the first place. Take heart-your journey will get better day by day, little by little. You just have to trust the recovery journey you are on and not focus on how or why others do things the way they do. This is your journey so work on owning that before you look to others on their path.

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