Can a Positive Work Environment Help Enforce Better Mental Health?

Can a Positive Work Environment Help Enforce Better Mental Health?

A negative work environment may be stressful enough that people experience symptoms like burn out, fatigue, and anxiety. Finding hope in positive work spaces can support people in feeling better mentally and physically. In spite of going to the doctor, they may not be able to diagnose the work place is where you are suffering the most symptom flares. Learn more about creating space for positive work environments and how to engage this in your job.

Thriving Workplace

A job site that is thriving has many things going for it that bring positive energy. This includes:

  • Securing talent from top companies or agencies
  • Teamwork is at the top of its game
  • Training opportunities are provided for growth
  • Everyone is transparent and aligned with the mission

Successful companies, and people, typically feel aligned with the organization and are working hard to connect with others in the company. Trust is nurtured and conflicts are minimal. Unhealthy workspaces often cultivate negative energy, backstabbing, manipulation to get ahead, and other challenges that make it difficult to work there. 

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When companies create positive space, employees generally experience better mental health. To work in a place where your work is valued and you feel like you matter to the overall organization’s mission is key to avoiding burnout and signs of stress. Check out some of these strategies to be aware of when it comes to good company culture:

  • Check out their mission: look at what the company lives for day in and day out. If they are focused on themselves, that may be a sign you will feel like a cog in the wheel. Everyone should be aware of what the organizational values and cultural statements are so they can feel more connected to the organiztion
  • Check out training: training has to take place over a series of weeks or months to create a shift. It does not happen overnight. Training should be on the calendar, established on regular intervals so employees know when to expect it and feel engaged when it comes around. Everyone decries endless meetings, so make it interesting enough to engage people and it will be more tolerable (and maybe even interesting)

As with any type of health, the health of an organization matters to the health of its employees. As an executive and professional in the workforce, you likely experience many company cultures in your work life. It can feel mentally exhausting and draining to battle against other people until you finally feel like you are burned out. Don’t let yourself get there. Follow these tips to think more clearly about who you work for and how you want to approach work so you can stay focused on a positive way of life at work and at home. 

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