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Why Stigma is Still So Challenging for People in Recovery

When you look back on how you used to look and feel when addicted and know your life now, you may wonder what happened. That is the reality of recovery. It can be such a shift from who you were then to who you are now you may not recognize yourself. Since you entered recovery, you have had a lot of changes in your life. It is a lot of work and you’re doing your best. People will treat you differently because of the past you are trying to escape. Learn more about why stigma can still follow people in recovery and how to get past it.

Stigma Hurts

People are going to be mean and judge others for what they see. There will be labels and identifiers put on people to make others feel comfortable. Stigma has major consequences that may derail progress. The consequences of stigma may threaten addiction recovery. These might include:

  • Shame
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Isolation
  • Reluctance to seek help
  • Anger isolation
  • Relapse

Stigma does not just affect you, it impacts loved ones, too. This makes it harder for everyone to move forward and heal. This may also cause more undue stress. Learn how to fight back against it.

Tips to Fight Back

Stigma is not going away because everyone else needs an education on how to best support those in need. It takes patience and time to fight back against stigma. These five tips can help:

  • Find support. Relying on people who understand addiction, recovery, and what’s in between  helps. Attending recovery groups and meetings also builds strength in numbers
  • Don’t fall into negativity. Even if negative things are said, you don’t have to believe it all. Use it as a fuel to work harder at recovery
  • Healthy coping skills: keeping feelings you are experiencing in check and coping with stress in a healthy way will be healing
  • Set goals to work towards: fight stigma by showing people they are wrong. Addiction does not mean you’re weak. Work towards recovery and life goals.
  • Promote awareness. Society has a skewed vision of addiction. Change the perception by starting with you and take time to educate yourself and others.

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