Why Ecotherapy is Good for the Soul

Why Ecotherapy is Good for the Soul

Going into nature is not everybody’s cup of tea. Especially if you did not grow up doing it, you may not really even like it. The thing is, nature is us and we are nature. We are part of this global ball we call Earth which has beauty in trees, water, and spaces that are free of mind clutter. It takes time to develop a connection back to nature if you have been away from it for awhile. Find out more about ecotherapy and how it can boost your soul.

Forest Bathing

It may sound like a weird ritual for people who live on the fringes, but forest bathing is actually an ancient practice of healing by going into Mother Nature. The idea is that when humans spend time in a natural setting, it can bring healing. Many generations of people enjoy going into the forest, going for walks, hiking, and being present with nature. Before technology, people spent a lot of time outdoors without the use of navigational tools except the sun, moon, and stars as their guide. Modern civilization has pushed away the forest for the quick-paced lifestyle that keeps us so busy.

How it Works

Forest bathing is really simple. It is not exercising, running, or doing a marathon in the forest. It is being present in nature and connecting with all your senses. There are sights and sounds to experience if you listen. Opening the senses can bridge the gap between where we live and the natural world. Your brain is not going to be thinking about much as you walk through a natural forest. Forest therapy is mostly concerned with nurturing curiosity, asking good questions, and connecting with nature. Some people like to do tai chi in the park because they can be barefoot and feel the grass and earth under their feet. Yoga outside, writing, drawing, photography, and many other mindful activities can be healing, as well as just simply walking or sitting in the grass outside.

Immunity Booster

Some of the benefits of being in nature is that it boosts the immune system. By reducing high stress levels, we all the body’s natural defense system to work better. The forest air of the trees is also beneficial because it is clean and crisp, free of pollution and brings a sense of peace to people who need a mental or physical boost.

Getting Started

If you want to get started on trying eco therapy and forest bathing, try these tips:

  • Go and wander. Don’t have a plan other than where you are going and how you are getting home. When you arrive, just go to wander. Listen to your body and let it take you where you want to go
  • Take off your shoes. When you are in nature, the electrical circuits in the earth can help bring you some measure of peace. The sights and sounds of nature will compel you to feel more alive with the sensory experience
  • Nature smells wonderful. We get so used to our house and other scents, we don’t know what nature smells like. Take a moment to wander and smell the trees, plants, and whatever other scents you experience. Observe how nature has its own natural aromatherapy and how it makes you feel

The final thing you can do is embrace the sunlight. The sun will feel good on your face and skin. Look at how the sun glints off the trees and leaves as well as the filtering of sunlight through the branches. There is so much to enjoy about being in nature. Take a moment to head outside by yourself or with a friend and see how much it benefits your mental health and recovery.

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