What it Means to Have a Warrior Spirit in Recovery

What it Means to Have a Warrior Spirit in Recovery

People who decide to walk away from addiction are making a huge decision with their life and health. If they follow through on it and make good, this is a chance to build a life away from addiction. They will have to depend on a high degree of motivation and commitment. Change is hard but with a solid spirit firmly planted in that of a warrior mentality, it can be easier to meet those challenges head on.

Spiritual Warrior Defined

The word spirituality can be used to mean many things for people. Anything that affects the spirit in any way, shape or form is considered spirituality. An individual’s spirit can be defined as a person’s outlook on life or their attitude towards things. Another way of describing it is that they are beliefs or practices by which people live. The warrior is someone who charges into battle. This term can be used to apply to anyone engaged in struggle or conflict. The spiritual             warrior is someone engaged in improving their spirit which includes attitudes and behaviors. This person often works to combat their own self-ignorance by discovering the truth about themselves and the world around them.

Benefits of Being a Spiritual Warrior

Recovery is a challenge for everyone, no matter how many times you’ve done it, how you did it, or what you did. The benefits of being a spiritual warrior go beyond religion. It is about embodying a spirit within yourself that determines you are going to take every challenge that comes your way head on, with a humble spirit and grateful heart. Some of the benefits include:

  • Commitment to personal change reduces the risk of relapse and increases the likelihood you’ll find happiness
  • Slowly working on personal development over time can help you achieve more than you ever thought possible
  • Serenity can happen when you have the path of a spiritual warrior, regardless of what is happening in your life or outside circumstances


There are no hard and fast rules for becoming a spiritual warrior. There are things people can do to help their path become one of peace and strength. This might look different for everyone, but it can include some of these things:

  • Have a beginner’s mindset. Don’t allow preconceived notions and opinions prevent you from gaining new knowledge
  • Use critical thinking skills so you don’t fall into a trap of addiction again
  • Meditation can help the mind and body as it helps develop emotional sobriety
  • Helping others can be a great way to strengthen your inner being and build a humble spirit
  • Keep a journal is highly recommended as a way to track progress and stay motivated
  • Goal setting is great help but don’t get obsessed with hitting goals. Take it slow and easy but stay motivated by seeking help from accountability partners on the journey with you

Serenity is a great goal to achieve as a spiritual warrior in recovery. It means facing ups and downs in life but not letting it drag you down. You may be fully present to accept what is going on in life and yet your inner peace is not dependent on having things or doing them all the time.

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