What is Flakka and is it Dangerous?

A new stimulant drug is trending right now and it is called Flakka. Unfortunately, this drug is both dangerous and potentially lethal for people who use it because of all the chemicals. People who use this drug may exhibit bizarre symptoms or behaviors and it should be considered an extremely dangerous substance for people to use.

What is Flakka

Flakka is a stimulant that increases a sense of euphoria, brings intense concentration, and loads of energy. Sometimes called ‘gravel,’ flakka is crystalline and looks like tiny rocks. People who use it can inject, snort or smoke the drug. It is popular now to also vape the drug in vaporizers. This makes it easy to hide and quick to enter the system.

Side Effects

Flakka mimics the impact of methamphetamine and cocaine, which causes severe side effects that cause physical, emotional, and psychological harm to the person using it. Side effects include:

  • Odd behavior
  • Violent behavior
  • Hallucinations
  • Paranoia
  • Bouts of anxiety
  • Delusions
  • Dehydration

The long-term effects of flakka use are not yet known as it is not studied enough but it is toxic for the kidneys and may cause renal failure.

Coming Down

Flakka has its lows as well as its highs. Much like methamphetamine, once a person gets high, there is a chance they will want more of the drug. Over several days, a person may not sleep, become aggressive, hallucinate, and act irrationally. The comedown can also be brutal as when people use so much energy, it is hard to get back to normal. Depression and listlessness can set in along with a desire for more stimulants.

Flakka is not illegal, per se, but it is a drug that causes people irreparable harm. Even when it becomes illegal, there will be other ways to find stimulants and perhaps a new designer drug on the streets. The point is, it is always good to be aware of what is out there and know how it might impact loved ones. It is easier to obtain these drugs or even use them unknowingly as drugs are being cut into everything from heroin to cocaine to marijuana without people knowing what all is in what they use. The challenge is finding help. Rehab centers are the best place to address addiction and figure out away to support recovery through counseling, 12-step work, modifications to diet and exercise, and of course, sobriety. When a person is able to recover from drug use, it is a lifelong commitment but one worth doing to recapture their health and eventually their life.

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