What Are the Benefits of Group Therapy in Recovery?

Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction makes you question the value of what is really helpful in staying sober. It may be hard to find help, open up, or talk to a small group of people about your issues. It can be anxiety-ridden, trying to decide how to approach this issue but there are myriad benefits of group therapy for recovery.

Why Group Therapy is Effective

Group therapy is effective for people with addiction in recovery because a group setting can provide space for healing in a way that individual therapy cannot. Some of the reasons to consider group therapy include:

  • Being in group therapy means having several other people to cheer you on and help you set and achieve goals
  • Members in the group can identify challenges they have also faced and provide different perspective. When looking at another’s situation, you might see the issue in a new light.
  • Working in groups has a way of building experimentation with new behaviors. You can try out new ways of thinking and relating in a safe environment before going out into the world. It is likely several people share the experience whom you would not have met otherwise
  • The feeling you are not alone is invaluable in helping shift perspective
  • Working with drug and alcohol addiction is a natural way to overcome a challenge, including addiction. When working with others, humans are built for understanding and compassion in the presence of others. Group therapy help support this concept

Group Therapy Locations

Once the decision is made to attend group therapy, there are many ways to approach it. Outpatient and inpatient programs have the programs necessary and will help with other issues you are dealing with as well. Attending a 12-step group is possible, along with other free and low-cost spaces to find healing from addiction. You may also address mood disorders, relationship skills, nutrition, and holistic approaches to healing in recovery. Therapists can provide a support team while groups of people can provide the additional support needed to help you navigate recovery without feeling isolated and alone. You are not alone in the journey and a community of people including friends and family are the best way to provide support, along with therapeutic measures like individual and group therapy.

The Palmetto Center is based on a Therapeutic Community model. We help people learn how to live free of addiction. Our community support provides structure while trained counselors offer life skills training and therapeutic techniques to help you move past addiction. Our program provides special focus for professionals including chiropractors, nurses, doctors, lawyers, and more who need help with addiction recovery. Call us to find out more: 866-848-3001.