What Are Signs a Spouse Needs Help?

What Are Signs a Spouse Needs Help?

When people live with someone every day, they tend to put up with things more and more things go unnoticed. It is not easy to recognize or admit a problem exists, but they are in a good position to discover their addiction if they notice signs. It is hard to open up oneself to noticing this in a loved one. Letting go of shame and blame will be helpful in identifying exactly what is happening so they can find a pathway to healing through family therapy programs and professional addiction treatment.

Hiding Use

Spouses who drink openly in front of the family usually keep the extent under wraps. They may secretly drink more once nobody is looking or just socially drink and keep the rest for when everyone else is asleep or away. Drug use consumes a person’s life so they lose control and eventually the signs start to show. This may be in the form of hidden bottles at home, the person smelling like alcohol, or paraphernalia being around.

Behavioral Shifts

A spouse whose behavior changes over time may need help for addiction. They are likely to quit hobbies, give up friends, and change in significant ways. They may lose interest in their hobbies, break engagements, and disappear without cause. A spouse may see less of them as they work more and cover-up addiction by ‘working late’ a lot of hours. It will consume that person’s life and, subsequently, the spouse’s life. Work performance will suffer and they may suffer job loss. They may try to hide this but it is hard to hide lack of income. Eventually, it will get found out.

Physical Signs

More time is spent with a spouse than anyone else. The physical signs may go by the wayside for  , but over time it will add up to not being ‘quite right.’ Noticing these signs may help a spouse determine if their loved one is using drugs:

  • Lots of energy
  • Lack of energy
  • Dilated pupils
  • Weight changes
  • Nosebleeds
  • Crashing for long periods or sleeping excessively

Health problems may pop up also so that the person is having heart or liver issues and kidney issues, as well. Substance abuse can be damaging to a person’s health. Some drugs cause hallucinations and psychosis. Others lead to memory problems. The problems will continue until they are addressed. 

The best thing to do is help a spouse find a rehab that will help them get treatment. Their care will be supported by the family coming alongside. Trough behavioral therapy and treatment, the spouse will learn how to cope and make healthier choices with family by their side. The spouse is key to this but also the rest of the family needs to be on board with helping them. It is a process that involves everyone so they can heal together. 

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