These 4 Rules of Life May Help if You’re an Empath

These 4 Rules of Life May Help if You’re an Empath

Whether you are a yoga teacher who picks up on energy or an empathic person just in general, following some simple rules of life can be helpful to create more peaceful space. Everyday can be a challenge if you are syncing up with everyone else’s energy and not protecting yourself from emotional swirling.

Rules of Life

When you wander into a room, you can feel the energy of people. If you are in a meeting, you can sense the feeling in your body like a tired, achiness that lingers long after. Perhaps you know another person that you met and know more about them than they do about you just by gauging who they are and how they present themselves energetically. Empathically, you may be super sensitive to others and emotional energy as well. Empaths are highly sensitive, intuitive people. We can read people and situations clearly and easily. This sensitivity an lend itself to giving too much and absorbing other people’s emotional energy when we are not even aware of it. The good news is you have control over this and can learn these tools in recovery.

Set Clear Boundaries

This is the number one hardest rule for people with empathy feelings. It is critical to set healthy boundaries when and where they are needed. Boundaries can be in regard to physical space, the body, possessions, or time. Be firm with limits and don’t let your caring side leave you with your guard down. Boundaries help protect energy, health, and emotional safety. It is not selfish to have boundaries. You are more honest with people when you tell them a clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’ than dillying about with what your needs are and where you stand. Be clear, concise, and honest and you might surprise yourself by how people respond.


Daily meditation is the best way to reset and steady the mind. This makes it important when getting a clear read on a person’s personal mood and energy. Whether you set an alarm or do an app guided meditation, try to find time to sit, pause, and reflect for better energy flow.

Ground Energy

When energy is grounded, we connect to our frequency and feel less influenced by others. An easy way to do this is ‘standing mountain pose.’ You may also sit in a chair and bring awareness to your body so you can feel more connected to yourself. This helps you feel connected to earth and your own energy.

Protective Shield

As an empath, we become susceptible to energies around us. It is important to build an energy shield around us so as not to take on others’ pain or negativity. Another way to create an energy shield is to wear or hold protective crystals. Most black crystals or dark stones tend to have highly protective energy.

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