The Four Reasons You Are Avoiding Recovery

Facing an addiction is a struggle on many different levels. You have many different issues that you must face until you accept the fact that there is a problem and you want help. What is often the most difficult struggle is the one right before you decide to enter into recovery.

When you reach that point in your life where you want to seek help from an addiction recovery center for your substance abuse, you will start to doubt your choice. This is your addiction “talking” to you. It is an emotional struggle between giving up the habit or giving in to it.

There are four very common reasons that you may choose not to enter into a rehabilitation center or believe that drug rehab may not be for you. You should feel very comfortable in knowing that these same “reasons” occur to everyone right before they decide to enter into recovery.

I Don’t Need Drug Rehabilitation – No One Even Knows I Have A Problem

The very first thing that you will tell yourself is that you really don’t need to enter into a recovery program because you can handle your addiction. You may even go as far as to tell yourself that the addiction has not affected your work, your personal life, your family. You may even go as far as to try to convince yourself that your loved ones don’t even know that you have a problem.

The truth is, yes they do. Your loved ones and your friends know that there is a problem. Most people just do not know how to address the situation so they say nothing. Your work knows that you have been missing a lot of time and that your performance is down. Your social life has tanked because your friends know something has changed.

Staying out of recovery because you believe that you are functioning normally and no one else knows about the addiction is simply untrue.


Rehabilitation Facilities Don’t Address My Type Of Substance Abuse

It is a misunderstanding to think that drug rehab centers are only for a specific type of addiction. Sadly, there are many substances that are available legally and illegally that can lead to abuse. Many drug recovery centers will have counselors that address different types of addictions.

Recovery centers have advanced so much in recent years that they are more open to addressing all the issues of addiction and recovery, regardless of the type of substance being used.

Drug Rehab Is Like Going To Prison

Many people have a really awful image in their minds of drug rehabilitation centers. Many of these images come from old movies and wives tales. Rehabilitation facilities are no longer the stark, prison-like centers they were in the past. In fact, many of the rehab facilities are now more like a resort or health spa then a medical center.

Recovery is not about punishing people for having an addiction. It is about making people feel comfortable with what has happened in their lives and what they can do to make it change. It is about addressing the physical, mental and emotional addiction to a substance and learning how to enter into recovery.

You cannot do this when you feel trapped or scared. You cannot begin the recovery process with harsh staff members and dingy white walls to stare at all day. Entering into recovery takes trust. When you feel comfortable in your surroundings you will respond better to your substance abuse counselor and your treatment plan. Rehabilitation has come a long way in the last fifty years.

Addiction Recovery Centers Can’t Accommodate My Needs

Substance recovery centers have changed the way they offer recovery programs. They understand that each person and each type of addiction must be treated individually. With this in mind, programs have been designed to accommodate different needs and lifestyles.

If your addiction requires that you need to live at the recovery center to make a fresh start, there are programs available. If you need an outpatient system for your treatmentt to help you maintain your job or family structure, it is available. There are even daily programs that you can attend or other types of recovery assistance that are available all based on your needs.

When you make the decision to enter into recovery, your counselor will talk with you in depth to help you determine which program best suits your needs and provides you with enough support to overcome your addiction.


Cast Your Worries Aside – It Is Time To Get Your Life Back

As you can see, these four common worries about entering into a substance abuse recovery facility are all issues that can be easily answered. In fact, the answers to these worries should even encourage you more to seek the recovery that you desire. You do not have to worry about going into rehabilitation, you can actually look forward to it now.

Addiction of any type controls your life. You make decisions, and many of them very poor decisions, based on meeting the needs of your addiction. You may find yourself in dangerous situations or acting out risky behaviors to feed your addiction. You may find yourself turning your back on your career, your friends and your family. You may even find that you turn away from yourself just so you can feed your addiction.

No one wants to feel like that, ever. It can happen to anyone and it can happen for any reason. Those issues are something that you can address in recovery. However, what is very important to understand is that everyone, regardless of who they were in the past or who they are now, can break their addiction and start a new life.

You can have the things you want from your life without an addiction controlling your every move and decision. You can achieve recovery and you can get back your life. It only takes the desire to make it happen. Once you have made the choice to be free of your addiction and enter into a rehabilitation program, you have taken the first step to getting your life back under control.

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