Palmetto is much more than a job to me. I first arrived here on December 5th, 2000. My life was a shambles. I had lost my wife to cancer 3 months earlier. I was threatened with losing my children. I had been using alcohol and drugs for 24 years. I had no emotional maturity to deal with the issues I was facing. In short, I was a mess and truly at a point of surrender.

I cried out “God, please help me!”, and he did. My plea was answered here at Palmetto. The staff and the community of recovering addicts and alcoholics introduced me to a new way of thinking and living. Because of this program and a God of my understanding, I have completed an education as a substance abuse counselor. When I came to work here in February of 2010, I felt that my life had come full circle. When I turned into the long driveway on that first day I felt chills travel down my spine. I feel that I am not a counselor out of choice, but out of a deep need to give back. Today, I strive to pass on to others what was given to me here over 12 years ago. This is much more than a job it is a privilege.

~ Jerry A.

This is Jess H. I am writing this to Palmetto to let the people know, that Palmetto and the staff there in my opinion are the best a person in need can get. I would recommend to any person wanting to change their life to the better, that this is the place for them. I am living proof that they can give you the tools and ability to make a change to be the person you and your family knows you can be. I am very grateful that I chose Palmetto for my treatment, I am thankful for all of the positives that I received from them. It was worth every bit of the time that I stayed with Palmetto. And guys and girls that was 90 days and I needed all 90.

Take Care and get sober,
~ Jess H.

Palmetto is sacred ground to me because my life was forever changed after coming here for treatment. I am eternally grateful for the impact it has had on me and for the opportunity to be a part of the changes in other people’s lives, as well.

~ Ashby S.