How to Let the Power of Uncertainty Strengthen Resolve After Addiction

How to Let the Power of Uncertainty Strengthen Resolve After Addiction

Getting into a certain rhythm with our days is a great pattern to embrace in recovery. Taking time to breathe, walk outside, focus with intention on healing are ways to let the troubles of the world roll off our backs and create space for healing. Nothing in this life is certain or a given. When you fight addiction, you fight against yourself and the forces of the world, it seems, that want to keep you locked inside your own head. Learn some tips on how to let uncertainty be your guide, rather than looking for structure that can feel safe in the moment but may not be helping you build a life in recovery that you want.

Expecting Certainty

In recovery, you might be wondering when you can expect things to start feeling more certain and your life more grounded. The challenge is that life is not that way. You look for the familiar, only to find nothing feels familiar at all. Our brains and bodies are wired for some level of certainty, an assurance we are on the right path. The only right path is the one you are on right now, filled with doubt, loss, confusion, and fear about where it is taking you. The world is volatile, even at the molecular level. Things can change on a dime and we have to be prepared for this shift. This is where the opportunity comes in to be more aware and open to the experience of healing in recovery.

Living the Questions

A great way to experience uncertainty and embrace this in your life is to live the questions. As they come up, you will wonder what to do, how to feel, or where to turn for some answers. Substances and substance abuse is not the answer. You are going to have to lean into the feelings and thoughts as they arise without turning to that numb place you may have grown accustomed to. Here are some practical ways to let yourself live the questions without numbing out:

  • Feel what it is happening in your brain and body. Accept it as reality and don’t think of it as stress. Think of it as the pathway to healing that you are finally feeling everything in your environment
  • Let yourself grieve what is necessary. Use support systems by sharing emotions with trusted friends and family. Grief is common when you come out of difficult circumstances and face old fears and trauma. It is healthy to experience these emotions and work through them so you can heal
  • Check your values and goals. One of the hardest things to do in recovery is learning what you value and set intentions. When you know what you value and set goals around those values, you start to set in motion a healthy forward thinking attitude about recovery

The key to healing in recovery is to let go of wanting to know all the answers. You don’t know everything about your past, present or future, but you can know that if you put one foot in front of the other and do the work everyday, you will find yourself further away from addiction and more closely aligned with your personal values and goals in recovery.

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