How Do I Find a Job with a Criminal Record?

How Do I Find a Job with a Criminal Record?

A person in recovery from addiction can find themselves in legal trouble once, maybe more, depending on their circumstances. Finding a job after getting any kind of criminal record can feel challenging and frustrating. When you are working to rebuild your life, it can feel like another barrier to overcome. Learn more about finding a job with a criminal record and how to navigate this challenge.

Past Challenges

Incarceration is an unfortunate side effect of drug and alcohol addiction. The possession of narcotics is punishable with a misdemeanor or felony charge. Once someone is convicted of their first change, a cycle is initiated. After release, they are often placed on probation. It is easier to get charged again because maybe the person has not gotten the right support to recover or has not been able to secure employment and housing that gets them on the right track.

Getting Hired

There are companies that hire people with convictions. There are resources and places that support post incarceration employment. Several companies signed onto a pledge to provide more opportunities to people with incarceration on their records. Books have been written on it and ministries are focused on helping people, also, as they search for employment post jail. It is hard to find out all this alone, which is why it helps to get connected to resources and people who can support the journey forward. Some ways to boost chances of getting hired include:

  • Work on getting the record legally expunged
  • Seek out companies with less discriminatory policies
  • Seek out training opportunities to build resume
  • Find resources at job fairs aimed at people with convictions
  • Work towards building own business of some kind

There are many other options out there. The challenge does not have to be fought alone. If a person has convictions on their record and is newly sober or just out of treatment, perhaps the facility has people and supportive services they can offer to find work. It is important not to become discouraged by the journey of finding a job post conviction. It is a longer journey than people think to get hired sometimes but there are those who really want to help those with a record find work. Don’t be afraid to reach out to your trusted friends and family for help.

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