How Can Professionals Get More Time in Nature?

How Can Professionals Get More Time in Nature?

Professionals are busy people who run around making sure everyone is doing their job, checking in with employees, doing projects, managing projects and perhaps traveling for work. In the midst of that, they may forget to work out or get into nature. Everyone needs more time outside and in nature, but seems to be getting less of it as time goes by. Spending more time is good for mind and body, but professionals might need extra support in finding a balance between getting outside and completing work projects.

Opt Outside

The concept of opting outside is nothing new. People have been pulling away from work and devices to find more time outside for a while now. Forest bathing is one term that has become catchy recently, whereby people are looking at all the benefits of being in nature and getting outside and away from work and life for a short time. The more time people spend in nature or green spaces, the better their mental health. Getting a minimum of two to three hours a week were in better shape than those who did not, mentally and physically. To opt outside is to focus on spaces that give breathing room to a person’s daily life and lets them relax. Some doctors even go so far as to write prescriptions for people to follow when it comes to getting in nature.

Why Professionals Struggle

Professionals can struggle with getting outside because they spend so much of their lives indoors trying to get work done, do meetings, and make sure everything is running smoothly. Exposure to outside pathogens can be helpful for the body’s immunity but not everyone likes to get outside and do things. Some people are more inclined to be indoors than outside, so it is harder to force someone out that would rather be in. it is also hard for people who are driven or workaholics to give up that mindset and focus on achieving what they can every day to better their mind and body. 

Give it a Try

In order to get more time in nature, professionals can try different ways to get outside. Here are some suggestions:

  • Do something social with friends like going for hikes or walks
  • Do a barbecue or social event outside at a park, beach or outside area
  • Ask friends and family to join for regular outings or join a club
  • Sit outside in the morning or evening and read a book, journal or meditate
  • Sit outside for lunch or take walking breaks 

Other ways to get outside include setting aside one day every once in a while to take a three day that includes getting outside. The best way to incorporate nature into daily life is by finding what is fun and enjoyable, then do it outside. This will help make it more interesting and also help engage with a different way of handling stress so it does not put pressure on the individual in recovery. Anyway, a person can take stress off is going to be helpful in mitigating challenges that come with recovery. 

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