Five Habits for a Fitter You and Family

Five Habits for a Fitter You and Family

Children and adolescents whose mothers follow five healthy habits are less likely to become obese than those who do not follow any habits. When both mother and child follow these habits, the risk of obesity goes way down compared with those who did not. Learn more about the five healthy habits likely to help you and your family become fitter.

Family Meals

A family that eats together is more likely to stay together. Regular family mealtimes is one of the healthiest habits to engage in with your kids. Always make family meals fresh to avoid eating out and taking in all those calories. The lower the risk of obesity comes from eating fresh meals at home.

Turn Off Electronics

The use of electronic devices can be hard to escape from this modern day. Too much media might wreak havoc on a family’s overall health. It has been linked to sleep disorders, obesity, low grades, and the other issues. You should consider limiting the family’s entertainment time to less than an hour a day. Turn off phones and TV during meals to encourage more sharing and family time.

Exercise Together

When you exercise together it promotes a healthy family culture. If you hike, jog, or bike ride together, your kids are more likely to practice those activities well into adulthood. Make it a family tradition even on vacation.

Healthy Eating

Promote the power of healthy eating habits where a wide swath of choices is available. You need to include healthy foods on the list when shopping. Do not bring home sweets, candies, and junk food. Buy carrots, grapes, celery sticks, and apples to encourage healthy snacking. If you don’t buy it, they won’t eat it.

Set Healthy Examples

A parent who is physically active with a healthy diet will promote similar habits in kids. A child learns from what you do so don’t do what you shouldn’t. Practice what you preach and make goals healthy for everyone. Work towards family goals and enjoy the benefits of that lifestyle together. Set goals and, when you hit them, celebrate as a family. It is important to have individual goals but you can encourage the whole family by being healthier yourself.

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