Can People Make Peace with Anxiety?

Can People Make Peace with Anxiety?

Many people across the United States suffer from some form of anxiety or anxious thinking. A formal diagnosis is more difficult, but it can lead to a diagnosis of chronic issues, including addiction or mental health issues. People who get anxious but don’t have a formal diagnosis may struggle for a while to have their voice heard. Everyone experiences a little anxiety but true anxiety is more difficult and it takes longer for people to make peace with. Find some tips on how to make peace with anxious thoughts and feelings.

Stay in It

Don’t zone out when anxiety hits. Stay focused and present with what is happening. The difficulty in managing anxiety is getting clarity about what is going on. The more aware a person is of their experiences, the more they can stay in check. It helps to have a mindfulness practice and stay grounded in the present. When a person is mindful, they have an awareness of what is happening. Mindful practice helps temper anxiety and bring some measure of peace. The presence of mind starts with being mindful of what is occurring in that present time, not in the past, or in the future, but here and now. 

Get Anchored

One way to be at peace with anxiety is to get anchored and rooted in the space you are in right now. Don’t drift off with thoughts or focus on other things with anxiety. Think about what is happening in your body at that moment and how you need to respond. You will respond better if you are thinking clearly and taking your time. When something triggers anxiety, think critically about how to make sense of what’s happening, then move ahead. Being aware is a process and a practice. When you engage in it, you minimize your anxiety and work to navigate through life with more peace and purpose.

Finding Peace

It may feel hard at first to make peace with anxiety. It is not easy to focus on what is going on right in that second when you feel like looking anywhere else. What you must do is remember a few key things with bringing peace to the heart and mind:

  • Calming thoughts will help the racing mind
  • Meditation or mindfulness helps quiet the mind and body
  • Lowering caffeine, sugar, and other foods which may exacerbate anxiety are helpful
  • Support groups and counseling are also helpful 
  • Finding hobbies with friends or outside things to do is always a good thing for people with anxiety (in a safe space that doesn’t make it worse)

There is no cure for anxiety but lots of things can help make it better, including mindfulness, meditation, and lots of the tips above. It also helps to find support from loved ones who care about you and want to see you be successful at kicking it to the curb. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help when you need it to feel better about your anxiety and find hope.

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