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Parenting can put a strain on any aspect of life. Many times, new parents have to learn to adjust to their new responsibilities. Although the transition comes easy for some, others must find ways to adjust or cope. For alcoholics, parenting can take a toll on their sobriety – especially for those who are highly functioning and can hide their drinking or drug use. Here, we will talk about alcoholism and parenting, and how it affects millions of Americans every day.

Struggles of Alcoholism and Parenting

Both parents in the family dynamic have expectations set for them that are often unrealistic. Many moms are expected to work full-time jobs, keep the house clean, take care of the children, cook dinner, and much more. The difficulty modern moms face can be daunting, and alcohol seems like an innocent way to unwind after a stressful day.

The amount of stress that comes solely from raising a child can be a lot to handle. We often overlook whether a parent having wine every night can become an issue. Parents who have to have alcohol to destress every day can develop a dependency on the substance in order to handle the stresses that come their way.

Alcohol Addiction Affects Everyone

Alcoholism is certainly not limited to mothers, nor is it the only issue that can negatively affect the development of children. Alcoholism in fathers can contribute to the child’s inability to deal with issues in adulthood. The child can carry resentment for their father’s behavior throughout their lives. HERE is one man’s story of how his father’s alcoholism affected his childhood. In the end, he found peace and came to forgive his father for the embarrassment he felt during his youth.

There are countless stories about growing up with an alcoholic parent. Alcoholism affects entire families and can leave young children to essentially raising themselves. The toll that alcohol abuse takes on families can be too much to take for some. Alcoholism and parenting have become more and more prevalent in society. With the normality of alcohol and the stress that comes with life and raising a child, alcoholism can affect anyone.

Alcoholism and drug use affects the people we love the most and can scar children deeply. Whether it’s physical negligence or emotional insensitivity, children understand more than adults often imagine. Don’t wait until it’s too late to restore the childhood and innocence destroyed by alcoholism.

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