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Addiction is a chronic disease; therefore the potential for relapse exists. Palmetto offers a specialized residential relapse program for adults who have successfully accomplished some quality sobriety or significant recovery time, but have returned to using alcohol or drugs again.

The relapse track is a specialized residential program that consists of:

  • Two phases and last 6 to 8 weeks
  • Admission to the residential treatment center on our main campus
  • A comprehensive assessment and evaluation of underlying issues contributing to the individuals "stuck-point" in recovery
  • Identification and exploration of relapse patterns and triggers

The goal is to develop strategies and interventions to impede and eradicate patterns that lead to relapse by focusing on the main causes of relapse:

  • Family of origin
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Process addictions
  • Onset of relapse process
  • Mental health issues

Will insurance help to cover the cost of treatment?

Palmetto is committed to making addiction treatment cost-effective and accessible. We work with most insurance providers and would be happy to discuss your options with you. Call toll-free to speak confidentially with a recovery expert now. Call 866-848-3001 toll-free to speak confidentially with a recovery expert now, or send us a message.

By pursuing and achieving accreditation, Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center has demonstrated that it meets international standards for quality and is committed to pursuing excellence.

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